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Children’s Activities

Children’s Activities

Watch, Try & Learn!

Kids can have some "unplugged" fun time at the Waterford Fair. Exploring the village, trying their hand at a craft, participating in the entertainment geared to kids like magicians, mimes and a one-man band...not to mention all the great food and treats available -- all make for a great day for kids of all ages!

Magician John McLaughlin

18th century Magic!

John McLaughlin has been performing at the Waterford Fair for 30+ years. He is an expert in 18th century illusion and involves the audience in his tricks. Kids are amazed by the magic happening right in front of them.

Organ Grinder

Our wandering organist will entertain the whole family with music and antics.

Happenstance Theatre

Happenstance Theatre members Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell will be performing as wandering mimes on Friday, October 6 at the Waterford Fair. Don't miss the chance to interact with these great performers!

Artisans with activities especially for kids